Writing Samples

Laura writing portfolio includes stage and feature film scripts, business plans, marketing plans, brochures, memorandums, contracts, white papers, press releases, case studies and short stories.  Laura’s writing career began as a freshman in college, when she co-wrote and co-directed a stage play entitled “No More Empty Chairs” – recognized by The National Coalition of Hispanic Health for outstanding advocacy. She also co-wrote and produced the feature film entitled Harvest of Redemption, winner of the “Best Foreign Feature Award” at the 2007 International Family Film Festival and distributed through Blockbuster, Target and WalMart. Harvest features the touching true story of a Latino migrant farm

worker family and an unpunished murder that they must not only face, but learn to let go. Laura has judged some of the entertainment industry’s most prestigious screenplay competitions including Final Draft’s Big Break Script Competition, The American Screenwriter’s Association International Screenplay Competition, and Scenarios USA’s “What’s the Real Deal” Contest.  She is currently writing another feature screenplay centered around two troubled characters from opposing worlds who serendipitously meet in an desolate place and discover joint, as well as individual solace. Below, you will find brief excerpts from Laura’s work.

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